Fixed Price Green Energy at ZERO Capital Cost

UKO Energy are specialists in installation of a wide range of green energy measures, providing a sustainable alternative to your current provider, and at zero capital cost.

We can secure your current rate for you for a period of 15 years. This means that you are guaranteed to have no further price rises, giving you peace of mind and fixed security. In addition, we will supply and maintain your electricity to ensure it runs at optimum level.

We will NEVER charge installation costs, and you will benefit from no maintenance costs for the duration of your supply. This is because we fully maintain the equipment and monitor it carefully.

Above all, you will now benefit from renewable energy, so you are contributing to the protection of our planet. Other energy companies charge higher rates for renewable energy. We don’t. We believe in green at a fair price for everyone. By using our services, you can meet your social and corporate responsibilities at no direct cost to yourselves and reap the savings benefits.

We provide our clients with on-site generation, which is a highly reliable power source and a guarantee of long-term price stability

Outstanding energy sourcing and project management

We always leave in a Grid connection and where feasible we may even install ground breaking battery storage systems. This is all subject to a site survey during which we will make a full assessment.

Typically, we would consider solar or wind power energy options, but subject to the assessment we may consider the wide range of systems available to us, in order to ensure that we are providing the most favourable option to meet with your requirements.

Once we have agreed on a tailored solution with you, we will embrace the entirety of the project, through design, build and commission stages, and most importantly, we will fund it for you. This means that there is zero capital cost to you.

Once the system is commissioned and fully operational, you will automatically benefit from a reliable power supply, generated from a sustainable source, and supplied to you at a long-term fixed price.

With a practical approach to cost saving and an educated technical approach to energy and the wider environment, UKO Energy is dedicated to helping you to minimise both costs and your carbon footprint.

Onshore Wind Energy Onshore Wind Energy An important part of the answer Fitter Repairing Solar Panel Photovoltaic Energy Commercial Solar Power.  Zero Capital Cost Electric Vehicle charging Constantly Improving the EV Charging Infrastructure Voltage Optimisation Create Very Attractive Savings on your Electricity Bill Energy Brokerage Savings on your energy costs with ZERO Operational Change

Why use UKO Energy

UKO Energy is the first UK energy generation company to provide 15-year fixed price energy solutions, including outstanding equipment maintenance and customer care, and importantly at zero capital cost

There is no better deal available in the UK today!

Our Clients

We’ve had the opportunity to work with some excellent people across a variety of well-known brands and government organisations. Please see the links through to some of them here…

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